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Rough starts/a couple of hiccups but runs and idles fine. When the car is cold, it relies heavily on the engine coolant temperature sensor.

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If the coolant level is low, the coolant temperature sensor can send false information to the computer, causing a hard start or cold start poor running condition.

Car hard start but runs fine. Some of these repairs are simple and are included in the normal maintenance of the engine. The service engin light stays on also. If i turn the key and hold it for like 6 seconds of cranking it won't start, but if i crank it a few separate times for only a few seconds it will start up.

Sometimes this issue makes your car hard to start but runs fine once it gets going. If your engine is hard to start when cold or hot. I believe it is fuel pressure related.

You’ll hear the engine turning and everything will seem fine. My question is could it be the fuel filter or more likely the pump or something else. This is an especially likely culprit if the engine dies shortly after it starts, and then is difficult to restart.

Once i take off though it all runs loss of power and no stumbling. After the car runs for 15 to 20 minutes and sits for 15 to 30 minutes it is very hard to start. What is so pivotal about these three components is that to successfully run and drive the vehicle the engine needs fuel, compression, and a spark all working simultaneously.

There are a number of issues that will make a car hard to start. This was unusual so i killed and restarted the car about three times before letting it run it’s course (~30 seconds), after which the car ran fine. Hard starting, smell raw fuel after started.

Which is the identifying factor here. Valves are an important part in the distribution of fuel into the engine block, after the engine warms there maybe some blockage or expansion from heat. But, the number one cause for this problem is, a.

Why is my 2005 2.0 engine hard to start, but runs fine? From your description you mentioned starting, rough running once started, and smell of unburned fuel, after the engine has been warmed up; After that it runs fine.

Here are some of the most common: During the time its roughly idling, i will press on the gas and the rpm's dont increase whatsoever.almost as if there is no gas getting to the car. You may notice the starter motor not working as usual or weak.

Sometimes starts right up, but usually cranks for a long time suggesting fuel draining out of system. It has developed this hard starting issue after sitting just overnight. (updated on may 4, 2020) when you attempt to start your car, you normally assume it is going to start without any problems.

Normally this only sucks the vapors out of the canister. When it does start my idle is real rough and runs at about 400 to 500 rpm, and seems like it is having a hard time staying at that rpm. There are many causes of hard starting but illustrative ones are a faulty engine coolant temperature switch (sensor), malfunctioning idle air control (iac) valve, vacuum and egr leaks, inadequate fuel delivery or pressure (clogged fuel filter, injectors), and contaminated or old gasoline.

This is perhaps the most common fault to appear under this condition. Last week when leaving work my car started very rough. There are varied reasons why you may have a hard time starting the engine whether early in the morning or every time you turn the key.

Repeat this a half dozen times and then try starting the engine. Leaks in the fuel lines or pump can allow air into the system. Everything from the electrical system to the fuel system to the actual starter itself, can be the problem.

The gas has to be pumped and turn over the engin and car will finaly start. Check for air in the fuel. If the corroded or loose battery terminals prevent the car from starting, creating a slow cranking, and causing the “car struggles to start, but runs fine” condition.

In the morning or after been sitting for a few hours. I have a 1999 ford escort se wagon with 112k miles on it. This happens intermittently throughout the day.

Normal wear and usage can cause a hard start condition due to lack of fuel pressure, poor intake air management, false readings to the car's computer or weak spark. If the engine starts right up and runs smoothly, the problem is with the fuel pump check valve allowing fuel to drain back into the gas tank as the vehicle sits. After i leave it running for a while, it most of the times (throughout the day) takes about 5 seconds to crank before actually starting.

The stutter and smell goes away after a couple minutes. I believe the fuel system is. Lately i have been having a hard time starting my truck after it sits awhile, i have to hit the gas to get her to go.

You may also have a slow to start car due to a worn starter, a common issue. If your car struggles to start but runs fine, this is a sign of a battery issue that can enhance the car’s performance issues. If that is the case you can try replacing the wires or cleaning the connections.

What could be happening is when the car first starts up the computer sends a signal to the purge valve and sucks the raw fuel out of the canister and floods the engine of fuel. The car has 60000 miles on it. After started it acts as if its flooded (engine stutters) and has a strong fuel smell.

Once started it runs fine. If the engine takes more than 4 seconds to start, there is a problem. Without these three components working in tandem you will start to experience problems with your engine, specifically the “crank no start” phenomenon.

Engine cranks fine, sometimes i have to pump pedal to start. Have to crank engine over for five to ten seconds to start. However, there may come a point in time when your car will actually start but then die almost immediately afterward.

As you know by now, the battery is responsible for producing the power to start the car.

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