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The first dealer really had no clue. For mowers with manual choke, set it to full choke to start.

Honda 20001vg4h02 Lawn Mower 3 Speed Transmission Assembly — Details Can Be Found By Clicking On The Image Outdoor Cart Transmission Mower

If i do my end of the season oil change while it's cold out, the mower often won't even start.

Honda mower won't start when cold. There is a honda bulletin on this available to any dealer. Your mower won’t start if the choke is faulty. Simply set the throttle to fast (hare symbol) for the auto choke.

Honda use a choke plate type system to achieve a fuel enriched condition. Clean the spark plug with a brush to remove any carbon or oil debris. If your cold mower is not starting easily, check the air filter.

I was able to run the mower to mulch the leaves in my yard. Even if it's been off for an hour, it will startup after a few swift pulls. This will allow the mower to operate without unexpected engine problems or poor performance in action.

So if your honda engine is hard to start check while the engine is cold to see if butterfly in carberator is closed.if it is wide open it is stuck and you need to get it to close when engine is cold and as engine heats up butterfly will open. Honda lawn mower won't start fixed in minutes with gumbuster by cleancarburetor. Open the fuel tank and make sure that fuel is present.

On first pull to restart it, it always gives a bang/explodes through the exhaust. Once i start mowing, if i stop engine to empty grass catcher or for any other reason it will not restart unless i let it set for several hours. At one point years ago, it turned out to be the gas cap,.

Stopping the mower for a few minutes to empty the grass, it'll start up with one or two swift pulls. If you are unfamiliar with choke, how and when to use it, you are not on your own (see below). There are two places this can be adjusted.

I had the same starting problems with my honda harmony 1011. If it is dirty, clean it with a brush, soap, and water. Some honda mowers won’t have any throttle levers, the engine has a factory set speed.

If the choke flapper is in the open position on a cold engine the automatic choke is the problem. If it’s not, add unleaded gasoline until the fuel tank is full. Honda gcv160 will not start fix.

If left till next day it just repeats the process. Once the engine has run for a while though, you can shut it down and it will start up every time on the first pull. Take off the air cleaner cover, the element and look inside.

If this does not help or is filthy and clogged, replace it with a new one. If your honda gcv160 does not start, then, first and foremost, you should check the. Keeping your mower clean will also go a long way toward helping your mower start in cold weather.

You also want to make sure that your air filter is clean, so scrape the debris from it and change it if necessary. The trick is just getting to cold start. When the engine refuses to start, the most common cause is almost always that it simply lacks access to fuel, or to fresh fuel that runs efficiently in a push mower of this size.

But if it sits since the last time the grass was mowed, it needs that huge number of pulls to get running. The mower engine must be totally cold before the air cleaner cover and filter components are to be removed. Mower dies and will not start i know it's an old thread, but perhaps this info will help someone searching for an answer.

It may sputter a couple times but it won't run. My honda mower will not start when warm i have an hrr216vka that i purchased less than a month ago. However, it took many pulls to start and died a few times.

If the mower was started when cold, using the “choke” position of the throttle lever, be sure to adjust it to either “fast” while mowing or “slow” while idling. It starts first pull if left overnight. The choke plate should also be.

If your honda gcv160 does not start, then check out the following basics to fix the problems. The correct starting procedure for a cold engine will require giving it extra gas to enrich the fuel/air mixture which a cold engine needs for a smooth start. This past weekend it was unseasonably warm.

Honda izy about a year old, starts first time, every time, when cold but when i shut it off to empty the grass box it won't start again.

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